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Arkematica Smart Machines S.p.A. | Design and manufacture energy and effort saving machine to empower man action cultivating naturally and sustainably, Rome

Arkematica Smart Machines bornsby the convergence of competences in the field of information and communication technology, domotics and electro mechanics, developed by the Italian National Research Council and by engineering companies operating in the field of cultural and environmental conservation.

The name comes from ancient Greek words Arke‘ and Matica:

  • Arke' = "origin" or "source of action", "first place, power";
  • Matica = mathematical reasoning can provide insight or predictions about nature. Abstraction and logic developed from counting, calculation, measurement.

Arkematica means “the lively nature of origins empowered applying precise mechanisms“.

Since March 2017, the company has become a joint-stock corporation.

In 2015 the Company has undertaken the path to its actual mission, as a result of the enthusiastic dedication and in deep experience of a team of technicians who have succeeded in affirming their professional ability in important specialist segments of the “Internet of things”, especially its experimentation for environmental sustainability, green building and zero emission mobility.

Senior partners and qualified staff are involved in continuous training courses aimed at maintaining the operational excellence needed to best handle the various work scenarios: periodical refresher courses, technical expertise and specialist knowledge integration cross fertilized along with “soft skills”.

According to Arkematica Smart Machines cultural model the "innovation" of solutions applied to its prototypes is conceived and pursued both through the introduction of state-of-the-art technologies, and through their effective integration with existing operating systems. Arkematica Smart Machines is a leader in its ability to offer highly-integrated hardware and software solutions for complex applications. This is due to a thorough knowledge of innovative methods and tools, which enables the development of tailor-made, highly reliable solutions for a range of issues of varying dimensions, with a strong propensity to innovate that translates into the adoption of the latest established technologies in electro mechanics, automation and monitoring, sensors, drones.

Since November 2016, Arkematica has undewrited a contract with the National Agency for New Technologies, Energy and Sustainable Economic Development – E.N.E.A. for the joint development of projects related to the development of electric vehicles and since June 2017 has opened a workshop at the E.N.E.A. CasacciaResearch Campus, close to Rome, Italy.


Office: Largo Antonio Sarti, 4
00196 Roma - Italia
Lab and Workshop: ENEA
Centro ricerche Casaccia
Via Anguillarese 301
00123 Roma
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Arkematica Roma

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