Electric cordless tiller

Electric cordless tiller

Actually, the cordless electric tillers are not the most powerful implements in the world of agriculture. A cordless electric tiller is considered a machine to help loosen up garden soil and get rid of weeds. These machines are light, easy to operate, inexpensive and wonderful for many light-duty gardening chores.

Nevertheless, professional agricultural tools, cordless electric, such as chainsaws, blowers, brush-cutters, are steadily gaining market shares. Arkematica Smart Machine is working on a powerful cordless electric tiller prototype. Cordless electric tiller allow users to operate with almost complete freedom since they are light, quiet, easy to operate and free from encum-brancessuch as electrical cords, they are perfect for many cultivating tasks in a more ecofriendly mode.

The Arkematica Smart Machines cordless electric tiller is rated 24 volts, which geves 1,5 kw power useful for most cultivating and weeding applications. Ergonomic design, light and well-balanced, this tiller is completely portable, quite easy for most operators to handle. This is because they are based on very simple designs that involve very few moving parts.

The electric cordless tiller can be taken to the furthest reaches of the property to work, far away from electrical outlets and, as long as it have battery power, can till and cultivate.

The prototype is based on Sealed lead acid battery but considers the application of a Lithium Ion battery over a traditional rechargeable battery. Lithium Ion batteries are able to hold a charge for longer periods of time and they offer more consistent power while in use. Additionally, these batteries do not require to run down the charge completely before plugging in again for recharging.


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